North Texas Sober Living

The path to recovery certainly isn’t easy, and many struggle with transitioning from treatment back into the real world. In many cases, having the opportunity to take part in a halfway stepping stone can make the difference between failure and success. Turning Point Recovery Network is among the best North Texas sober living residences. Please keep reading to learn more about the benefits of choosing a sober living home and the programming behind our mission.


What are the Benefits of a Sober Living Home?


A North Texas Sober Living home helps individuals improve their chances of remaining abstinent following inpatient treatment. Through a safe, structured environment that nurtures healthy living, the assistance provided by the staff, and the social support among other residents with similar goals, participants have the ability to take the next steps toward sober living. To break it down, residents will receive the following.


Guidance, Support, and Professional Recovery Services


A sober living home provides recovering individuals with a stable, substance-free environment and an extensive support network to guide them into their new lives. In these safe, trigger-free spaces, individuals have a lower risk of relapsing and full access to professional recovery services.

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Relief from Common Challenges


One of the most significant hardships of life is balancing living requirements. By participating in a sober living home, residents have reduced challenges from things like access to internet because it is provided for them. They get full access to the amenities that come with the home, including a gourmet kitchen, common areas with television, and quiet spaces for meditation.


A Smoother Transition to Independent Living


What happens next? Going back into the real world can be daunting, but residents get a leg up in all areas with a North Texas sober living home.

Residents are encouraged to find and/or continue employment through the duration of their stay in the home. Through this, they can transition smoothly from their North Texas sober living home back into their regular lives.

Additionally, we recognize that many aspects of social living revolve around substances, but that doesn’t mean our residents need to feel left out. We teach our residents about sober living Dallas activities and how to build a strong sober support system.


North Texas Sober Living with Turning Point Recovery Network


Turning Point Recovery Network emphasizes a 12-step program of recovery utilizing critical life skills and accountability. From one’s admittance to transition back into society, we are there every step of the way and beyond.

If you are actively looking for a sober living community in North Texas, reach out to Turning Point Recovery Network today to learn more about our philosophy and programming. Additionally, you can check out our FAQ to learn the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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