6 Sober Living Dallas Activities

An unfortunate aspect of society is that many leisurely activities that people propose to entertain and connect involve drinking alcohol. For those who have chosen a sober living style, it can feel as though you are getting left out. Fortunately, there are plenty of sober living Dallas activities you can participate in while introducing your loved ones to new and exciting adventures. Check out our top six sober living Dallas activities to get brainstorming.


6 Sober Living Dallas Activities

  1. Take a Photo Walk

Dallas is a beautiful city with much to offer its residents. A fun sober living Dallas activity is taking a photo walk. You can easily travel to a picturesque neighborhood or simply see what’s available where you live; all you need is to grab your phone and a buddy! Whether you want to take pictures for social media or to remember good times, this is a charming way to spend half a day.

  1. Go on a Picnic

What better way is there to spend time with loved ones, eat, and be outside simultaneously? A picnic, of course! You can easily pack the food and beverages you want and hit one of Dallas’s charming parks for an afternoon. We recommend bringing along a frisbee or other activity to keep things active and fun!

  1. Make a Coffee Date

A lovely sober living Dallas activity  and alternative to “grabbing a drink” is grabbing a coffee. Whether you want to meet a friend in the morning, afternoon, or evening, there are a plethora of local coffee shops perfect for sipping on a yummy beverage and having a good chat.

  1. Join a Class

Learning something new is an excellent way to expand your horizons, gain a new skill, and make new friends. Dallas offers a wide variety of local classes and workshops you can take advantage of, from photography workshops at the Dallas Center for Photography to hat making at Flea Style in Deep Ellum. With a city as big as Dallas, there is always something unique to learn!

  1. Get Your Green Space On

While Dallas is a bustling metropolis, there are still a variety of green spaces where you can go walking, jogging, or cycling. Take a buddy for a chat on the go or go solo to re-center among nature. We recommend making a Dallas green space checklist and visiting each and every spot!

  1. Tour a New Neighborhood

With a city as big as Dallas, there are dozens of neighborhoods that you can explore. If you have a free weekend, we recommend taking a day or two to tour a community you’ve never been to before. We suggest picking out a couple of restaurants and shops you want to see, hitting a local park, and then leaving the rest up to chance to see where the wind takes you.


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