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It's been said that addiction is a family disease. Turning Point understands that long-term recovery entails whole-family healing and is committed to this cause. Our reputation for family advocacy and willingness to go the extra mile to reconcile these dynamics has made Turning Point a leader in healing.Our wish is to provide hope and be a resource fro your loved one's recovery. Our family care experts are always available to guide you through this process.
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Turning Point For Loved Ones

Our outpatient programs address the diverse needs of families struggling with addiction, creating a space for collaborative healing. Offering the full continuum of care, we’ll work with you and your loved one to assess your family’s specific needs and create a detailed plan for reunification. Wherever you are on the road to recovery, and whatever your needs, Turning Point is your trusted partner in healing.
Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
Sober Living
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Frequently Asked Questions?

What makes the Turning Point approach to addiction treatment unique?

We integrate evidence-based therapies, mindfulness principles and holistic wellness approaches into treatment plans. We prioritize individualized treatment plans to meet you where you are currently so that you can reach your goals. We address the deep root causes of addiction and co-occurring mental health issues through individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy and experiential activities.

Why is mindfulness part of the recovery process at Turning Point?

Mindfulness is a cornerstone of our recovery process, and our Mindfulness in Recovery (MIR) program offers a unique approach to healing. We integrate meditation and mindfulness with the 12-step process to help you to overcome addiction. Mindfulness gives you an excellent bridge to your daily life that applies to all situations. It can facilitate using what you learn in treatment in your daily life. You’ll cultivate present-moment awareness, manage cravings and triggers, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Does insurance cover addiction treatment?

We accept most major insurance plans, and our team can help you with coverage verification and determine any out-of-pocket costs associated with treatment.

What programs does Turning Point offer?

We provide a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) with structured treatment five days a week. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a more flexible treatment option, while sober living provides a safe and supportive home environment. Our team will assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate program based on your circumstances and treatment goals.

How do you support clients after they complete treatment?

We offer aftercare services, including ongoing counseling, support groups, alumni events and referrals to community resources. You can also independently continue your Mindfulness in Recovery (MIR) treatment path after completing your time with us. We aim to ensure you have everything you need to get sober and maintain a fulfilling, long-term recovery.

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