Addiction Recovery Programs

An unfortunate aspect of modern society is the constant belief that social gatherings and events must include substances, such as alcohol or drugs, for the event to be enticing. For recovering addicts, this can make socializing and venturing out into the community challenging. Fortunately, through proper addiction recovery programs, we set aside those prejudices, prioritize recovery, and demonstrate that we can have fun without substances.


Turning Point Recovery Network’s Addiction Recovery Programs


We at TPRN believe in providing a supportive community where our residents can relearn how to have fun while staying sober. To do this, we have created multi-layered addiction recovery programs, both in-house and within the community.


For our in-house events, we host weekly Wednesday AA meetings, accountability meetings, and daily morning meditation. Our residents particularly love our Wednesday meetings, where they cook and enjoy a meal before discussing the ideals of the Big Book.


Beyond the walls of our facility, we encourage residents to help others get on the path to sobriety. Many residents carpool to the Sunday night newcomer meeting to offer their experiences and to give strength and hope to those just beginning their journey.


Additionally, residents who achieve 90 days of sobriety have the opportunity to aid others in their addiction recovery programs by signing up for Carry the Message at a local treatment center. Residents can act as temporary sponsors or as a point of contact in recovery once they have been discharged. By building a strong community together, more people have the chance to achieve the sober life they need.


We understand that to build lifelong sustainability in sober living, our residents must go beyond the protection of our walls and relearn how to embrace society. In the past, our facility has taken our fellowship to a Texas Rangers game, a beach volleyball tournament, bowling and gaming at Pinstack, and even on a trip to Top Golf to practice our long game. When we have the pleasure of warmer weather, we take our residents out into nature to experience ziplining, paintball, and hiking at our local nature preserves.


We are proud to say that many of these events are promoted by the clever ideas of residents. Through these excursions, our residents foster inclusivity, strengthen the bonds of fellowship, and establish a sober support network. With these habits and ideals, our residents build a robust foundation prior to leaving our program so they may achieve a lifetime of autonomous sobriety.


Turning Point Recovery Network


If you are searching for a supportive community and addiction programming to help you further your journey to recovery, reach out to Turning Point Recovery Network today to learn more about our events.

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