Strategies to Clean Sober Living

November 15, 2022

Remove Yourself from Your Old Lifestyle and Create a New Routine:

Many people go to rehab or recovery centers so triggers no longer surround them. Identifying the triggers in your old day-to-day schedule is necessary when removing yourself from your old lifestyle and creating a new routine.


Find Support - Therapy, Sponsors and Support Groups:

Addiction and mental health diseases can be extremely isolating. Surrounding yourself with supportive individuals who have similar life experiences as you can provide solace in recovery. Support groups, therapy and sponsorships are all useful tools that provide companionship and structure to your new substance-free life.


Honesty and Self-Reflection:

Being honest with yourself is one of the first steps to sobriety. Finding honesty within yourself and others can be a daunting task. However, the courage and humility found in the reflection of addiction can lead to other revelations that serve as helpful stepping stones in your path to clean sober living.


Learn to Love Clean Sober Living:

Many people in recovery start to rediscover old hobbies and passions that they once loved before drugs and alcohol took control of their life. They discover healthy alternatives that give them the same highs that substances once did- except this time, they are working toward their future self. Once you achieve sobriety, a huge part of staying sober is finding out who you are without the presence of drugs and/or alcohol in your life.


Clean Sober Living at Turning Point Recovery Network:

At Turning Point Recovery Network, we offer upscale sober living homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Sober living homes greatly improve the chances of remaining abstinent following inpatient treatment. Living in a safe and structured environment nurtures and prepares the individual for re-entry into the real world. Each of our homes has live-in managers to serve as mentors and supervisors for the resident’s benefit. Please contact for more information.

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