Rehab vs Sober Living

The road to addiction recovery is not easy on one’s own. American Addiction Centers reported that in 2014, an estimated 22.5 million people in the U.S. needed treatment, but only 11.6% received professional help. There are various reasons why someone may not get help, but confusion about available services should never be one of them. Today, we will dive into the key differences between rehab vs sober living homes and provide guidance on which option may be right for you or someone you know going through addiction recovery.


Rehab vs Sober Living


Rehab centers and sober living homes are both facilities that cater to individuals who are struggling with addiction. However, they differ significantly in terms of the level of care and support they offer.


Rehab centers, also known as rehabilitation or recovery centers, offer comprehensive and structured treatment programs for individuals struggling with addiction. They are typically designed to provide a high level of medical care, therapy, and support to individuals who require intensive treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Rehab centers often offer medical detoxification, which is the process of removing drugs and/or alcohol from the body in a safe and controlled manner. They also provide individual and group therapy sessions, as well as various holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, and art therapy. In total, they are an all-encompassing care facility to help recovering individuals with the first and most complicated steps of their journey.


On the other hand, sober living homes are transitional facilities that offer a supportive sober living environment for individuals who have completed a rehab program or are in the early stages of recovery. Sober living homes are generally more open than rehab centers and do not offer medical detoxification. Instead, they provide an environment for individuals to continue their recovery while preparing to return to life outside of rehab. Residents have full access to regular guidance, opportunities to improve life skills, aid in finding employment, and multiple amenities such as an on-site gym and healthy meals to promote the integration of productive habits once they return to their normal lives.


How to Know If a Rehab vs Sober Living Home is the Right Choice?


One significant difference between rehab centers and sober living homes is the level of supervision provided. Rehab centers offer 24/7 medical supervision and a structured treatment plan that ensures patients receive the care they need. On the other hand, sober living homes provide more independence and are designed to help individuals transition back into society gradually. They offer a supportive community of peers who are also in recovery, but residents are generally expected to take responsibility for their own healing and hold themselves accountable.


Due to this difference in care type, rehab centers are recommended to those in the earliest stages of their addiction recovery, especially if they are or need detoxing. Rehab centers provide intensive treatment programs for individuals who require medical detoxification and a structured treatment plan that is both safe and effective.


For those who have already detoxed or been to rehab but aren’t ready to re-integrate back into society, sober living homes offer a supportive environment for individuals to get their feet back under them and become confident in their sobriety before returning to their everyday lives. If you feel that a sober living home is the right next step in you or your loved one’s journey to recovery, contact Turning Point Recovery Network today. Have questions? Check out our FAQ page to learn more details about Turning Point Recovery Network.

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