Finding a Sober Community

When going through recovery, individuals need to have a connection to others, a community of support and awareness. Lack of a stable environment can be an obstacle to continuing abstinence from drugs and alcohol. One effective way to do this is to find a sober community. This type of community is safe and trigger-free and contains individuals that are alcohol and drug-free. Sober communities can be found in sober living homes, halfway houses, etc.


Where Can I Find a Sober Community?

If you are looking for a community of individuals aiming to support and encourage you during your recovery process, Turning Point Recovery Network offers help. Here, we emphasize a 12-step program of recovery, a balanced lifestyle, and accountability.  This framework provides the optimal opportunity for our residents to begin a new life of fulfillment and purpose. We are able to do all of this within a sober community in our sober living home.


Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes offer a place for individuals recovering from alcohol and drug use disorders. They are often more structured than halfway houses and offer long-term support. Turning Point sober living supports a sober community in gearing individuals to develop new tools and coping skills. Here, residents can stay however long they would like, as long as they are meeting the program requirements.


What Can I Expect?

To build a strong sober community, our goal is to help you transition into your new life with the comfort and support you need. Here, we offer multiple resources to help with your time in our sober living home:

  • A membership to our community recreation center
  • A gourmet kitchen stocked with healthy foods and snacks
  • Digital amenities
  • A professional psychiatrist specializing in substance abuse and dual-diagnoses
  • A pool and hot tub
  • A personal recovery coach

To learn more about what we offer, visit our website today.

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