Addiction Recovery Tips

September 6, 2022

Addiction is not a character flaw, failure, or choice. Addiction is an illness, and treatment can help. Addiction recovery tips can vary from anything from finding a support group, to engaging in fun activities that are meaningful to you. These specific tips don’t work for all individuals, as one size does not fit all. Continue reading to learn more about potential tips for recovery.


Avoid Triggers

Triggers are oftentimes reminders that can put people in mental and emotional distress, pain, anger, frustration, and other strong, negative emotions. These triggers can cause a desire to use substances again. Triggers include individuals and places you would take part in activities with before sobriety and going back to old habits. Overwhelming, exciting, or bad days can cause these triggers and can lead to relapse. During this time, it is important to lean on others you trust and ask someone to be there for you.


Make It a Daily Goal

Some mornings, you may find it hard to prioritize recovery. One of the most important addiction recovery tips is to make recovery your goal in the morning, and consistently throughout the day. Whether you think it is a small victory or not, every day you don’t use alcohol and drugs is a win!


Find a Support Network

Having others to lean on is crucial in recovery, and Turning Point Recovery Network can help. We are a sober living home that provides the framework for the optimal opportunity for our residents to begin a new life of fulfillment and purpose. Learn more about our services on our website today.


Learn Addiction Recovery Tips at Turning Point Recovery Network

Here we offer a multitude of resources to help you improve the chances of remaining abstinent after inpatient treatment. Regular guidance, a trigger-free environment, included amenities/utilities, and professional services are a few of the benefits individuals get to experience. Learn more about sober living homes by calling us directly at (480) 408-9601.


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